Change Of Personal Information

emergency treatment in ambulanceIf you move or change your email, phone or name after submitting your application for the NHCWA exam, it is imperative that you send a written SIGNED notification to NHCWA advising of your new contact information. This request may be faxed to (202) 609-9943. Email request for changes are not acceptable because the request must be signed for security and privacy reasons. NHCWA is not responsible for lost communication when contact changes have not been conveyed to NHCWA in a timely manner.

To change your name due to a legal name change, submit copies of notarized documentation to NHCWA. Please do not send originals. When submitting a name change, make sure that you have an unexpired, government issued ID with your signature that matches the requested name change. When appearing for the exam appointment, Candidates must have an ID that matches the name on the NHCWA records. Candidates without appropriate ID will not be admitted to take the exam and will forfeit all fees.

Name and Address Changes

The Certification Holder is responsible for notifying NHCWA, within sixty (60) days, whenever changes of their name, address, or telephone number occur. If they have had a name change, they must submit legal verification of the change. Indicate the certification number or last 2 digits of SSN for identification purposes. Failure to do so could result in the delay or loss of the certification.